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About Honda Pilot

As a midsize Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Honda Pilot has been manufactured by the Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation Honda since 2002. Primarily aimed at the North American market, Honda Pilot was introduced in April 2002 as a 2003 model to appeal to growing families who are averse to traditional minivans. Not like its predecessor the smaller, truck-based Honda Passport, Honda Pilot is the largest SUV from Honda and features three-row seating. Up to now, Honda Pilot has been produced for three generations.
The second-generation Honda Pilot was produced from April 2008 to April 2015 and unveiled in January 2008 at the North American International Auto Show. It came with LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring trim levels. Honda Pilot got a new 3.5 L V6 engine producing 250 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque, which could only make 240 horsepower and 242 lb-ft of torque during the first generation. This engine sent power through a 5-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels or four wheels. At the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, the third-generation 2016 Pilot debuted. Trim levels get retained and it is far less boxy than before. The 3.5 L V6 engine could produce 280 horsepower but the engine is coupled with a 6-speed or new 9-speed automatic transmission.

Honda Pilot Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Offering V6 power, respectable fuel economy, a comfortable ride, plenty of interior space and seven-to-eight-passenger seating, Honda Pilot is always the top choice for drivers with a big family. If you also have a Honda Pilot for family use, then you have every reason to know about common problems and solutions of it:
First, according to the online automotive complaint resource CarComplaints.com, excessive oil consumption is the worst reported issue about Honda Pilot. Every driver knows this issue will cause extra economic burden, thus, you had better know the signs of this issue to keep it from getting worse. Some Honda Pilot drivers said at first, they could hear squealing or rattling sounds coming from the engine, the sound may get louder as the accumulation of mileage. Then engine encounters misfiring, loss of power while acceleration, even cause no start condition. Advice for you is as long as the Check Engine Light is activated, you should inspect the Pilot oil filter, air filter, oxygen sensor, timing belt tension right away and stop bad gas mileage becoming true.
Second, transmission failure again becomes Honda Pilot's big headache. In general, the transmission system is not easy to go break down, which means you had better be alert all the time and try every means to stop auto parts in it from wearing. According to Honda Pilot drivers, grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle could be seen as an omen, then you may find leaking transmission fluids gradually. The worst situations would be the difficulty shifting gears, transmission slippage, the vehicle starts in another gear or refuses to go into gears. All these could influence normal driving. Thus, once above symptoms appear, inspecting the Pilot automatic transmission filter, transfer case seal, valve body, clutch disc and shift cable would be a smart move.
Routine maintenance is an indispensable duty for every driver if they want to enjoy pleasures brought by the vehicle longer. In Honda Pilot, the need is also needed. First of all, the braking system is critical but also rather vulnerable. Pilot brake pad set, brake disc, and brake dust shield are succumbed to wearing, so more attention should be paid to them. Other parts such as door lock actuator, wiper blade, fog light and cabin air filter also play important parts in creating comfortable and safe driving environment, thus, routine maintenance on them is also essential.
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