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About Honda Odyssey

As an all-around favorite in the minivan class, Honda Odyssey has been manufactured by the Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation Honda since 1994. With seating for eight and plenty of room for all kinds of gear and even flat-pack furniture, Honda Odyssey was well received in the Japanese domestic market but less well received in North America. However, due to its smooth engine and relatively agile handling, Honda Odyssey still has received numerous awards such as Car and Driver's 5 Best Trucks and Consumer Reports' Top Pick Minivan and so on. Up to now, Honda Odyssey has been through four generations.
The fourth-generation Honda Odyssey was produced from 2004 to 2010 and debuted as a 2005 model. Compared to its predecessor, Honda Odyssey was slightly wider and heavier and got an ACE body engineering. In the United States, it came with LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring trim levels. But Honda Odyssey had only one engine option: 3.5 L V6 rated at 255 hp and engine sent power through a 5-speed automatic transmission. The 2011 Honda Odyssey marked the beginning of the fourth generation. Besides trim levels carried over from the previous generation, it adds new Touring Elite and SE. It features a more distinctive exterior including a more aggressive front fascia and a lightning bolt-style kink on the rear window. 3.5 L V6 engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission are still available but a 6-speed automatic became standard on higher trim levels for the first three model years.

Honda Odyssey Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Loaded with family-friendly features and boasting confident driving dynamics, Honda Odyssey does have the versatility only a minivan could offer. Maybe those are also why it has been the most popular minivan. If you also have a Honda Odyssey, then you should be prepared for these now:
First, as far as I am concerned, transmission failure is the worst reported issue about Honda Odyssey. It seems 100,000 miles is the ultimate miles when transmission issue appears on Honda Odyssey. According to experienced drivers, this issue would have some symptoms such as loud clunking sounds from underneath the vehicle, difficulty in shifting gears, and transmission slippage. Moreover, some also complained the indicator showing inaccurate gears, vehicle starting in another gear or refusing to go into gears influenced their normal driving dramatically. If these signs emerge on your Honda Odyssey, you are advised to inspect if the transfer case, transfer case seal, shift cable and clutch disc.
Second, braking and engine issues are also serious on Honda Odyssey according to owners. The braking system is so important that any minimal issues on it may result in fatal consequences. Generally speaking, braking failure in Honda Odyssey often has symptoms such as noisy brakes, vibrating brake pedal and score-marked brake rotor. And brake pad set, brake disc, brake caliper, brake shoe set and so on are often the culprits. But engine failure often shows as metallic sounds from the engine, reduced engine performance, decrease in gas mileage and illuminated Check Engine Light. And you are advised to turn to Odyssey oil filter, air filter, oxygen sensor, timing belt tensioner and intake manifold gasket for reason.
In order to make your Honda Odyssey enjoy a longer lifespan, you are obliged to perform routine maintenance on some auto parts that could not live as long as the vehicle could. If you know what parts need routine maintenance, your time and energy would be saved a lot. Door lock actuator as an electrical part could wear easily due to a high frequency of usage; wiper blade could get broken under continuous harsh working conditions. Both of them and cabin air filter, wiper arm, horn and emblem and so on should be on your routine maintenance list.
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